Yunnan Village

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unnan Village

Yunnan village is a agrarian community located in the North-Western region of The Land of Earth, situated between the two forks of a large river. It serves as a regional trading hub and ideal location for merchants to sell their wares. The village specializes in the cultivation of rice as well as wheat, and has an abundance of rice patty farm from which most of its’ residence base their livelihood. The center of the village is dominated by an immense sandstone structure perched on a hill, while the outskirts are filled with simple bamboo and plaster homes with thatched roofs. The town is surrounded by large rice paddies, which draw their water from the nearby river; many inhabitants fish along it using small reed boats. On the outskirts is densely forested area, including several caves.

The village used to have a small number of Earthbenders, but almost all of them were forced to flee their home in fear of the Imperial Order occupation.

Yunnan Village used to be under the jurisdiction of Ba Sing Se until it was recently annexed by the Fellowship of the Imperial Order. Yunnan is one of man Earth territories slowly annexed in the North-Western region of The Land of Earth by the Imperial Order in the lost few decades. Tensions are increasing in the area as treatment of the native populous grows more and more hostile by the Order occupation army. This is the village where Fow Bang Chow was born and raised with his many siblings. He was born under occupation and eventually left to learn more about Earthbending, as it was forbidden by the Order. Later he would go on to win the National Youth Combat Tournament in Gaoling City, winning a close match with other gifted young warriors from around the world. A little over a year later his adventures would lead him to re-encounter the combatants from the tournament, as well as a few other skilled adventurers, and journey with the young Avatar,Avatar Jaraiya; following him in joining the Lotus Alliance in defense of the free nations against the tyranny and oppression of the Imperial Order.


Yunnan Village

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