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hite-Throne is a huge castle complex spanning several acres, consisting of two massive walls with a ditch between them and a village located just outside. The complex consists of many buildings and keeps, some ancient and decrepit, some in good repair.

The city is ruled by the great Viking clan of House Mortho. The House Sigil is a Bear and their official motto is “Here We Stand”. White-Throne is a member of the Laconic Alliance and one of the only three Northern Kingdoms who have resisted the Exatled Emporium.

The current King of White-Throne is Tarben Mortho. The people of White-Throne are tough and hardy. They love battle and are damn good at it. They are known to ride giant wolves and other winter beasts in which they use for battle. The warriors of White-Throne have always had a grudging rivalry with the warriors of Laconia, but the two cities have a great deal of respect for each-others fighting abilities.



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