Weapons and Equipment

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eapons and Equipment
Avatar: the Last Airbender presents a wide variety of unique weapons, items, vehicles, and other equipment and machinery. Often, these new devices are based on the Bending Arts so prevalent in the setting; either deriving their functioning from a bender’s ability to manipulate portions of the device or created in order to exploit the weaknesses of another bending discipline. This page presents a list of items, weapons, armor, and vehicles that are shown in the Avatar universe.

For alternative oriental themed weapons see the Weaponry page of the wiki.

In addition to listing the unique items available in the Avater: the Last Airbender universe, this page presents a system for enhancing items in a non-magical world. The system presented here expands the normal Masterwork system and establishes a number of “Craftsmanship Bonuses” that can be added to a weapon, suit of armor, shield, or item.

Finally, the Masterwork system presented here establishes substantially lower enhancement costs than the traditional d20 magic item system. Additionally, the world established in Avatar: the Last Airbender appears far less wealth-dependant than standard D&D worlds. Therefore, the following wealth-by-level amounts are recommended for use in an Avatar d20 game.


Weapons and Equipment

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