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eaponry in the World of Avatar

Weapons in the Avatar World are different in each Nation. Metal is the principal element of the weapon’s structure.

In this campaign I will also be allowing the use of this list of Oriental Equipment from the D&D 3rd edition supplement Oriental Adventures, as well as some Oriental Feats that are applicable to the Avatar universe. This is in addition to the Player’s Handbook Items as well as the Avatar D20 Items and feats. Be sure to read the Avatar d20 rules on items and feats before using any of these, and consult with me about any that may not be compatible with the Avatar World.

There are many items below not listed in the Avatar d20. If you can find these weapons or similar ones in another supplement, or come up with reasonable stats for one based on the description, let me know and i will likely allow it to be used.

Air Nomads

  • Air Nomad Glider – The Air Nomads did not have many weapons because of their peaceful nature; however, gliders could be used like a weapon.
  • Wind Sword – Aside from their staffs, the Air Nomads may have pioneered another weapon, the “Wind Sword”. It is apparently a sword hilt without the blade that one bends air through in order to fight. This technique is very similar to the Air Scythe seed and must be taught by a Airbending master.

Water Tribes

  • Boomerang – A small, L-shaped weapon made of metal. It is a thrown projectile that travels in a curved path and returns to its point of origin when thrown correctly.
  • Battle Club – A weapon used in the Southern Water Tribe. The base is carved from a polar bear femur and has some blue paint design on both sides of the blade. There is a heavy ball on the end for power and a notch for hooking opponent’s weapons. The leather strap is for grip.
  • Machete – A long cleaver-like cutting weapon.
  • Spear – A weapon used in the Southern and Northern Water Tribes. Used by warriors in battle and for hunting animals for food. The handle is made of wood and the spearhead of bone.
  • Pike – A pole weapon, a very long thrusting spear used two-handed.
  • Jaw Blade – A hunting tool primarily. Made by sharpening the jawbone and teeth of a large arctic wolf. There is a blade side that is used for hunting and scraping skins clean. The other side is rigid and is used as a saw. It is shown to be able to amplify vibrations in the environment by stabbing it in the ground, allowing the user to accurately detect intruders. The handle is wrapped in leather for grip. It is normally carried in a small pouch.
  • Whale’s Tooth Scimitar – A weapon made from the tooth of a Whale Dolphin, used by tribesmen.
  • Axe – An average-sized axe with a blue and white blade and a medium-length white handle.
  • Water Tribe Knife – It’s a long knife with four molars on the bottom of the blade and a leather wrapped handle.
  • Tangle Mines – Weapons made with a bamboo frame and covered with dried animal skin filled with Stinkfish and seaweed. These mines float in the water and detonate upon contact with a ship.
  • Wolf Armor – Protective battle gear including a wolf-like helmet and thick wolf hide and leather armor.

Land of Earth

  • Hook Swords – Three weapons in one: a long pole with a hook at the end, an arced blade above the fist, and a spearhead beneath the handle. An experienced user can hook the ends together to double the reach of the weapons.
  • Bow – An archery weapon that uses elasticity to propel arrows.
  • Fans – Fans can be used for defense, and can be thrown.
  • Wooden Club – A weapon made of wood. Simple yet effective when used by someone of great strength.
  • Dual Dao Swords – It is a category of single-edge swords primarily used for slashing and chopping (sabres), often called a broadsword.
  • Pearl-Handled Dagger – An ornate earth kingdom dagger of high quality.
  • Lochaber Axe – A weapon of war, consisting of a pole armed with an axhead at its end. The axe itself is similar to tools used with crops, such as the scythe, which is designed for reaping.
  • Bisento – A kind of Japanese pole weapon. It consists of a thick curved blade mounted atop a long wooden pole.
  • Polearm – A large two-handed edged weapon, usually in the form of a long metal or wood pole a bit taller than a person, with an axe-like head. It has a scythe-like blade attached to a long wooden pole.
  • Katana – A type of Japanese sword. It is a curved, slender, single edged blade, circular guard, and long grip to accommodate two hands. It is one of the most effective means of cutting through organic material.
  • Shield – It is a protective device, meant to intercept attacks.
  • Crossbow -A weapon consisting of a bow mounted on a stock that shoots projectiles.
  • Nunchaku – It is a weapon that consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short chain or rope. They take some skill to use, since the inexperienced often wind up hitting themselves with it.
  • Meteor Hammer – It is a weapon that consists in two weights connected by a rope or chain. The meteor hammer could be easily concealed as a defensive or surprise weapon, being of a flexible construction.
  • Twin War Hammer – Similar to a sledgehammer in construction and appearance, it is used to augment the potency of Earthbenders attacks.
  • Butterfly Sword – It is a short dao, or single-edged blade. Also known as Wu Dip Dao and Hu Deh Dao. The top of the knife/sword hilt is turned up so that the fighter can flip the knife around their thumb.
  • Smoke Pellets – Explosive weapon. Exploding on impact, they created large smokescreens to confuse and distract their enemy/victim, giving the advantage to either attack or escape.
  • Kama – Traditional farming implements similar to a sickle used for reaping crops and also employed as a weapon.
  • Qian Kun Ri Yue Dao – A shear weapon used by the pirates. The blade ends are semicircular; one resembles the sun while the other denotes the moon.
  • Naginata – It is a pole weapon. It consists of a wood shaft with a curved blade on the end. It has a thick, slightly curved katana-like blade connected to a long wooden pole.
  • Guan Dao – The Kwan/Guan Dao is a type of Chinese pole weapon. It is large and heavy. The small hook in the middle of the blade can trap opponent’s weapons or can be used to snag on clothing.
  • Kukri – A curved Nepalese knife used as both a tool and a weapon.

Land of Fire

  • Stilettos – Small arrow-like darts.
  • Dadao – Large, one edged broadswords used by some Imperial Order soldiers.
  • Sai – Dagger-shaped truncheon, with two curved prongs.
  • Trebuchet – Artilery used to hurl projectiles (most commonly rocks, often flaming) great distances.
  • Poison Knife – A dagger with a compartment for poison in its handle.
  • Ballista – Weapon that ejects heavy harpoons or explosive shells.
  • Hammer – A medium-sized sledge hammer that can be used for work or battle. The hammer can also be connected to an iron chain, making it a powerful medium-distance weapon.
  • Bow – An archery weapon that uses elasticity to propel arrows.
  • Jii – A halberd-spear with a crescent moon-shaped blade on one or both sides. Useful against both ground infantry and cavalry.
  • Kanabo – A long club weapon. Large and heavy, they have either metal studs or spikes running in vertical rows along the length of the weapon, and have enough power to easily smash bones.
  • Catapult – Any one of a number of non-handheld mechanical devices used to throw a projectile a great distance without the aid of an explosive.
  • Spear – Mainly used by guards that are not firebenders. The handle is made of wood. Other types of spears have a red tuft near the base of the spearhead, both to distract opponants and to prevent blood from running down the shaft.
  • Jian sword – A kind of straight sword wielded by Piandao and Sokka. In the hands of a master it can be far more versatile and dangerous than it appears.
  • Military Armor – Red and black armor accompanied by helmets, differing according to a wearer’s status or bending ability.



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