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Vampirism is the name for those inflicted with the virus of the Vampire Spawn, the strain of Marcus, but who have a partial immunity. Normally, the virus would completely destroy the host and turn them into a mindless, ravaging monster. For those with a partial immunity, (those who hit the Fortitude save DC exactly) they resist the virus and do not become vampire spawn, but the virus remains dormant in their system. This has happened only a handful of times since the curse of the WolfBats began.

Unlike those inflicted with Lycanthropy, Vampirism does not manifest at specific times, but is always active; however not as dramatic. Those inflicted with the disease are more or less themselves, however they gain the need to feed on human blood regularly or they begin to go insane, becoming more and more like the crazed monsters known as the vampire spawn. Other effects include an increase in Strength, Dexterity, and even Charisma. After 1 week of not feeding they begin to feel the effects and begin to loose their humanity. If someone infected does not feed on human blood for 3 months, they become vampire spawn…

However, if a vampire begins to feed too much, they will get stronger and become addicted to the hunger.

The smartest vampires with the greatest willpower are ale to find a balance between these options. This has led to very dangerous individuals, for as long as a vampire regularly feeds, they will never die of old age…

Those inflicted with Vampirism experience increases in physical and mental abilities, as well as stronger vision, elongation of the canine teeth, and the thickening and lengthening of nails into claws.

The effects, and hunger of Vampirism, begin to set in on the first full moon after infection.


  • Land Speed increases by 10ft
  • Natural Armor Increase by +2
  • +2 Strength
  • +2 Dexterity
  • +2 Charisma
  • 2 Claws (1d6 + Strength Mod)
  • Bite (1d8 + Strength Mod)
  • DR 5 Silver/Jade
  • Spider Climb (walk on walls and ceilings)
  • Low Light Vision, Scent, Track, Evasion, and Darkvision 30ft
  • +10 to Jump | +5 to Spot, Survival, Listen, Move Silently, and Hide | +2 to Climb, Balance, Intimidate.
  • Awesome Blow (Claw only, -4 to attack, opponent is knocked back 10ft and must make a reflex save equal to 10 + the damage dealt or fall prone. If this would make them collide with a solid object they take another 1d6 of damage.)
  • If a Vampire pins an opponent and Bites them, they can drain 1d4 Constitution in blood and gain 5 hit points.
  • Fearful Gaze: A vampire can crush an opponent’s will just by looking into his or her eyes. This is similar to a gaze attack, except that the vampire must use a standard action, and those merely looking at it are not affected. Anyone the vampire targets must succeed on a Will save (DC 18) or become frightened, fleeing as quickly as possible. The ability has a range of 30 feet.

(If a Vampire feeds a total of 5 times per week or more, they lose their bonus to charisma, but their bonus to Strength and Dexterity go from +2 to +4. They also get Fast Healing 5 and add 1.5 of their strength mod to their bite and claw attacks.)

Vampires cannot infect others, but any children they have gain the virus as well as their resistance. Something about mixing with the cells of one resistant to the virus renders it incapable of spreading, but offspring are born with the virus mixed with their cells as well.



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