The Lycan

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The first Lycan was a boy named Lucian. Lucian’s mother lived in the Northern Water Tribe during the time of the Wolfbat Spawn. When vampire spawn were seen in the north pole, and she learned she was with child, she fled to The Land of Earth. She would not find sanctuary however, and was attacked by a Werewolf Spawn. She became infected, and gave birth to her son as a werewolf. Although now a bloodthirsty beast, this had never happened before, and her maternal extincts remained. She protected her new son, who did not seem to carry the affliction as he was in human form. A warrior was hunting spawn and slew her, finding her son. He took the boy, Lucian, and watched over him. However, when he and his family was killed by Victors “Enlightened”, those who could control the vampire strain and gain great power from it, they took Lucian who took the form of a massive wolf in his anger to protect his family. Victor used Lucian’s resistance to the Werewolf strain to create a new breed, the Lycan, as guards. At around the time that Avatar Katsurik began to exterminate the Wolfbat spawn, Lucian led a rebellion against the Enlightened, uniting the Lycan to fight for freedom. Victor was overthrown and hid himself away. Lucian was one of a dozen or so Lycans left and they helped Avatar Katsurik capture and entomb the Wolfbats. Afterwards, only 5 were left including Lucian, and they went into hiding the the northern mountains, living in peace, ever watchful for the return of Victor and his Enlightened.


The Lycan

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