Sun Warrior City

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un Warriors’ City

The Sun Warriors’ City is a sprawling, ancient city where the sun warrior society, a group of firebending warriors who worship Dragons, live. Some of the architecture of this ancient city is mirrored in today’s architecture, most specifically the Fire Sages’ temples.
The city is heavily booby-trapped. The Sunstone, an important relic to the Sun Warrior culture, is hidden in a room which supposedly opens only during the solstice. Once opened, it is accessed by two people performing the Dancing Dragon, by placing their feet in a synchronized fashion on specifically located push-tiles.

Lair of the Firebending Masters
The Lair of the Firebending Masters are two caves that are placed atop large rocks overlooking the ocean just beyond the Sun Warriors’ City. A large elevated man-made platform is located in the middle of the two caves, and from it is a long bridge that connects each cave to the platform. It is here where those who seek enlightenment in the art of Firebending offer the Masters a piece of the Eternal Flame and subsequently receive judgment from them. These Firebending masters are two ancient Dragons. These dragons are the spiritual rulers of the sun warriors. When one of these dragons die, a new young dragon is chosen to take its place and continue the knowledge of true Firebending. When the Dragons judge a Firebender seeking the old knowledge, they circle the visitors, and to prove their worth, each visitor must execute the Dancing Dragon form in unison with his corresponding dragon, while moving in synchronization with his partner.

The Sunstone Chamber
The Sunstone Chamber is a protected room only accessible when the Celestial Calendar directly outside the chamber refracts light on the door’s gemstone at just the right angle. Inside the chamber are 20 statues that show steps to the Dancing Dragon form. When two visitors mimic the moves simultaneously, they trigger foot-pads that eventually raise a pedestal holding the sacred Sunstone. To prevent burglars from stealing the relic, a slime geyser releases a powerful glue-like substance upon the removal of the stone from its pedestal.

Dragon Mural
Located mid-way to the top of the city’s primary ziggurat is a mural of two dragons sharing their knowledge of Firebending to a Sun Warrior. The mural exhibits multiple fractures and signs of erosion from the centuries it has remained unmaintained.

Eternal Flame
The Eternal Flame is the first flame ever given to man by the dragons. It rests in a protective chamber atop an ancient pyramid. Those who wish to learn from the Masters must bring a piece of the Eternal Flame to their lair. The flame must be kept at a constant temperature; if the flame grows too small, it will go out, but if it grows too big, then it will go out of control. Being the first Fire given to mankind to bend, this eternal flame predates even The Avatar and the Bending Arts.

Celestial Calendar
Located in center of the courtyard at the Sun Warrior City is a large orange gem that refracts slivers of light onto a calendar on the ground. This gem is part of a celestial locking system that protects a sacred room that can only be opened on specific days, like the summer solstice. The celestial calender bears a striking resemblance to the Fire Temple Sanctuary located on Crescent Island.


Sun Warrior City

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