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VATAR: CONQUEST OF THE IMPERIAL ORDER ________________ 2600 years before the time of Avatar Aang, the four nations we know do not yet exist. Instead there are waring Factions, all grasping for power and independence as the Bending Arts, increasing in number in the gene pool, are becoming the prominent culture, ruling class, and military power. The current avatar, Avatar Jaraiya, is a Firebender who stands with the Dragons of the White Lotus in creating a world where all cultures can grow and live independently. The Fellowship of the Imperial Order seeks instead to unite the world under one banner and one rule, theirs. The chaos and bloodshed is disrupting the delicate balance, and is weakening the veil of the spirit world. As the veil grows weaker good and evil spirits alike are able to gain more influence in the physical realm, some even being able to take up physical form, and the weaker the veil gets the easier it will be for stronger spirits to get through. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, with the help of those brave heroes that would follow him, can stop the ripping of the veil and restore balance to the world. This is the state of the world when our young heroes meet for the first time in the World Youth Combat Tournament, little did they know that they would soon be fighting for, and influencing, the fate of the world. For better or worse remains to be seen…

Avatar Campaign Timeline: A log of the parties adventures from the start of the campaign.



Avatar: Conquest of the Imperial Order WolfLord