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vatar the Show
Avatar The Last Airbender is the show that inspired this campaign and is a genius and rich fantasy world. I include a summary of the show as well as the primary characters. This campaign takes place 2,600 years before the events of the show.

ending Arts
The Bending Arts section explains the art of element bending in the avatar world.

This section describes Airbenders, also known as the Air Nomads, airbending is the aerokinetic ability to control and manipulate currents of air. The peaceful Air Nomads utilized this type of bending in their everyday lives. Air is the element of freedom. Airbenders continually seek for spiritual enlightenment. The first Airbenders learned from the Sky Bison.

This sections describes Earthbenders. Earthbending is one of the four elemental Bending Arts, the geokinetic ability to manipulate earth and rock, in all its various forms. Earth is the element of substance, making Earthbenders and their people in general proud, persistent and enduring. The first Earthbenders, Oma and Shu, learned their art from Badgermoles.

This section describes Firebenders. Firebending is one of the four elemental Bending Arts, the pyrokinetic ability to create and control fire. Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires. However, recently the Imperial Order has twisted this into Firebending being fueled by rage, hate and anger. Firebending draws its power from the sun and the first human Firebenders learned their techniques from the Dragons.

This section describes Waterbenders. Waterbending is one of the four elemental Bending Arts, the hydrokinetic ability to control water, as well as its many forms. Water is the element of change. The moon is the source of power in Waterbending, and the original Waterbenders learned from the moon by observing how the moon pushed and pulled the tides. The Water Tribes are the only people to not learn Bending from an animal. The fighting style of Waterbending is mostly flowing and graceful; acting in concert with their environment.

he Avatar
This section describes The Avatar. The Avatar is the spirit of the planet incarnate in human form, and the only physical being with the ability to practice all four bending disciplines. It is considered the Avatar’s duty to master the four elemental disciplines, and use such power to keep balance amongst the many nations of the world. With the death of the Avatar, the spirit is reborn into the following nation, dictated by the cyclic order; Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Throughout the ages, countless incarnations of the Avatar have served to maintain harmony in the world.

Avatar d20: The rules of the Avatar d20 system.

Agni Kai: Agni Kai is the name of an honorable duel between two Firebenders.
Adventure Log: A log of the parties adventures from the start of the campaign.
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The show that inspired this campaign.
Astronomy: The knowledge of astronomy in the Avatar world.
Blood Rituals: The practice of sacrificing blood to gain power from Dark Spirits.
Campaign Theme Song: The Theme songs for our campaign.
Chakras: The 7 nexuses of metaphysical or biophysical energy within the body.
Character Journals: Records of journal entries kept by the characters.
Cuisine: Varying foods and cuisines common in the Avatar world.
Education: The different education standards in the Avatar world.
Factions: The worlds major and minor Factions and Organizations.
Flora and Fauna: The known Flora and Fauna of the Avatar world.
Geography: A geographical overview of the Avatar world.
History: History up to 2,600 B.S.C. (Before Sozin’s Comet).
Lost Continent: A continent lost for centuries, unknown to the Old World.
Lycanthropy: The Werewolf Spawn virus for those who are partially resistant.
Miscellany: Other links such as code used, acknowledgments, etc…
Music: The unique music and instruments of the Avatar world.
Occupations: Jobs, skills, and occupations in the Avatar world.
People: The various people encountered by the party.
Places: Different places or locations in the Avatar world.
Prestige Points: A log of prestige points earned by the characters.
Rules: All of the rules for Avatar d20 and this campaign.
Science: Scientific and technological advances in the Avatar world.
Shadowlands: The tainted lands where evil spirits dwell.
Spirit World: Parallel plane of existence that co-exists with the physical world.
Sports and Games: Sports and Games played in the world of avatar.
Storyline: A brief summary of the state of the world.
Transportation: Varying forms of transportation used in the Avatar world.
Vampirism: The Vampire Spawn virus for those who are partially resistant.
Weaponry: Weaponry used by the different cultures of the Avatar world.
Writing: Writing and literature in the Avatar world.



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