Senju Village

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enju Village

This small but productive village was a farming and hunting community that was also a large source of lumber for Ba Sing Se, being surrounded by the thick North-Western forests of The Land of Earth. The village was one of the settlements raided by the initial assault of the Fellowship of the Imperial Order. The residential lodgings of the village were burnt to the ground as the army tore through the village, the inhabitants slain and trapped in their burning homes.

After the troops left, leaving death in their wake, the survivors set to rebuild but the soldiers returned and took over the village. The village would be rebuilt and fortified under the control of the Order, the few survivors either enslaved to care for the soldiers needs, or sent to The Land of Fire to slave in the mines and help supply the massive Imperial War Machine. Talin was there when the Order attacked and nearly died from the wounds he received. Talin was horribly maimed in the fighting at Senju, taking a hook sword slash to the face. The blow started at his left temple, traveling across his face and down to his lower right jaw, removing his left eye, most of his nose, and tearing open his mouth. None of it ever properly healed, although Talin didn’t exactly take great care in treating his injuries. Today, the eye socket stands empty and uncovered, a festering hole in his head. The remains of his nose are a mangled, deformed mess, and his mouth is twisted permanently into a snarl. He blacked out from pain after losing his fateful duel, and was left to die with his blood soaking into the dirt. He should have died that day. But he didn’t. He awoke several hours later, able to see out of only one eye and his entire face a bloody, raw mess. Staggering to his feet, he stood and looked at the burning wreckage of his life. His hands tightened into fists until his nails drew blood from his palms.
“I swear…on the memories of everyone lost today…” he hissed aloud, “For every drop of my kin’s blood spilt…I will take a gallon. My vengeance shall be swift and unrelenting, and I shall not rest until the Empire is shattered…” He took a shuddering breath. “…or I am. For as long as I draw breath, there shall be no peace for the Order.”
Bending down, he picked up his sword. As he began to move, he saw a figure struggling under a pile of burning rubble. It was a man, one of his own.
“Please, help me…” the man gasped. “Been stuck here for hours…can’t feel my legs…”
Talin stared at him coldly, then at the road the fire troops had taken. It would take hours to dig the man out, let alone see to his wounds. Slowly, he turned away and began walking, unsteadily at first, but quickly gaining confidence, toward his destiny. He never looked back, even long after the man’s desperate pleas for help had faded into the distance.

Kio was the Order soldier who inflicted the wound upon Talin. Shortly after the raid, Kio faced extraordinary emotional conflicts within himself about the actions taken in the name of the Order. This would eventually lead to him leaving the Order in the events that transpired with the groups meeting of The Avatar in Session 3.


Senju Village

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