Senhai Assassins

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enhai Assassins
Senhai City is filled with crime groups of all various sorts, a land of opportunists and criminals deep within the Si Wong Desert. The 9 Thieve guilds in particular are always fighting for dominance, but never openly, as under the laws of the Eastern Scorpions any guild who openly attacks another will face the wrath of all the others. To attack or weaken a guild secretly though, without being caught, is to be applauded and rewarded. There are always other small thieves guilds ready to take the place of one of the nine and their city, so the 9 guilds must always be on guard. The richest guild city, Tu Zin Village, is the only one that has revealed their location publicly, as they don’t fear the other guilds. When these guilds need a mission done in secret, they contact the Senhai Assassins, a group of highly skilled saboteurs who have a very high track record for completing missions, and more importantly of never getting caught. While other individual assassins may be superior, the Senhai assassins are the most efficient and cost effective way to get a sensitive mission done in secret.


Senhai Assassins

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