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cience in the World of Avatar
Science is of limited knowledge to the people in the World of Avatar. The more used, developed and known science is Astronomy. The Land of Fire and The Land of Earth have the most developed nations in the field of the scientific knowledge. It is known and clear in the World of Avatar what science is and what it can or can’t prove.

Air Nomads
The Air Nomads don’t have many scientific breakthroughs or advanced technology. They do practice and develop philosophy persistently, especially the Council of Elders. The Airbenders show stronger spiritual beliefs than the other three nations, which draws them away from science more than the other nations. Their scientific knowledge are principally based in the air and its bending. The Air Nomads know the science of ecology too, since they try to do the least possible environmental damage. The Air Nomads have enough technical knowledge to produce their gliders, which causes no pollution and are thus environmentally friendly.

Water Tribe
The Water Tribes have limited scientific knowledge and technology. The Water Tribe citizens have either scantily developed the science of metallurgy, because they have some types of weapons made of metal; or they have traded in order to gain such weapons and other useful objects or tools. They are also talented at wood working, as many of their weapons and boats consist of wood. Some Waterbenders have special skills in the theme of healing. They have an understanding of chi paths and how to heal them. Some Waterbending masters can realize bloodbending, which indicates that they have some knowledge about the human body. The Water Tribes know about lunar eclipses and the consequences it brings to their Waterbending. They have a vast knowledge of the moon, and understand the way the moon reacts on the tides of the ocean.

Land of Earth
The Land of Earth is home to some of the very most technologically advanced nations in the world. They seem to know the cause of eclipses and can predict them through a Planetary Calendar Room, located in Shi Tong’s University. Astronomy is one of the many classes taught in Ba Sing Se University. The Ba Sing Se University has an Anthropology Department. Some people have journeyed into the Si Wong Desert to better understand desert culture by studying the Sandbender Tribes. The Earth Nations have a considerable medical knowledge. Medicinal plants are widely used to treat disease, and are often made into herbal tea; and it is known the benefit of massage therapy. Salves and ointments are used as well to cure rashes. Some practices aim to improve the patient’s Chi flow, and are used to treat a wide variety of diseases. Two such practices are acupuncture, which involves inserting fine needles into specific points to relieve pain, and fire cupping, which relieves stagnant Chi by placing heated glass bowls over the acupuncture points to draw out malignant energy. Surgery is practiced in the land of earth, but its effectiveness is likely very limited. Doctors can be found in all larger cities, as well as in many smaller towns and with military units. The land of earth has many physicians, who study and treat many physical ailments, as well as herbalists, who devote themselves to the study and cultivation of medicinal plants such as sandalwood, banana leaf, and ginger root. Animal products such as frozen wood frog are sometimes used in traditional medicine.

Land of Fire
The nations of The Land of Fire have reasonable knowledge of astronomy. They do have considerable medical knowledge. Places that treat mental health patients, are examples of medical housing. As in the Land of Earth, people also know the health benefits of Tea, and relaxing yoga in hot springs. Metallurgy is the most advanced science in the land of fire, due to the fact that they have many weapons and devices made of metal due to its natural abundance in the fire islands. The War effort increased the amount of metal making sciences ten fold. The Land of Fire also has moderate geographic knowledge. They also has some knowledge in chemistry, due to they have explosive weapons, likely made with gunpowder, that is used in fireworks.

The Western Air Temple type of architecture
All of the cultures have outstanding examples of building construction, but it is not clear how the Air Nomads’ distinctive temples were built. Most curious of all is the Western Air Temple, which is anchored from an overhanging cliff, and appears ‘upside-down’ to casual observers. There was certainly great effort put into construction, although nothing is known of the design timeframe, nor of possible Airbending techniques that lend themselves to masonry. It is likely they were built with the aid of Earthbenders, possibly one of the earliest Avatars as the temples were built shortly after the discovery of the Bending Arts.



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