Sao Feng Pirates

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ao Feng Pirates

Sao Feng, a savage pirate who sails the Mo Ce Sea. Sao Feng and his ship, the Jade Vengeance, have been terrorizing the eastern seas for years. Originally based from Senhai City, the pirates of the Vengeful Serpent have become the most famous pirates in all The Land of Earth. No ships are safe in the Mo Ce Sea, and none even know where the pirates make port, they seem to simply disappear into the oceans dreadful mist. Recently the Earth Kings navy out of Ba Sing Se have made an effort to more heavily patrol the eastern seas in search of Sao Feng and his legendary crew. Never has the navy even seen the ship, but they have many a time come across an attacked ship, only to have the pirates made sail moments before their arrival. While the heavier navy ships are more than capable of handling the Vengeful Serpent in combat, she is much too fast a vessel to catch with the slow navy ships.


Sao Feng Pirates

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