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November 2011 campaign of the month

ules: This section includes rules for the Avatar setting as well as our campaign specifically.

vatar d20

D20 Role-playing Game
Avatar d20
This is a free document created and published by Lord Tataraus and edited for personal use by Tolsimir Wolfblood. Please use and redistribute, you are free to use this for inspiration and modification, however, please recognize the creators and contributors for any works using modified versions of the contained information.

The PDF rules can be viewed and downloaded at Avatar d20 PDF or visit the official Avatar d20 system website here.

All content is protected under the Open Gaming License of Fair Use.

Thank you and good gaming!

Avatar d20 Complete Rules
Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Avatar Template
Chapter 3 – Benders
Chapter 4 – Non-Benders
Chapter 5 – Prestige Classes
Chapter 6 – Feats & Skills
Chapter 7 – Creatures and Opponents
Chapter 8 – Weapons and Equipment

ouse Rules

House Rules
Below is a list of house rules and supplement rules that pertain to this campaign. They are subject to change. Violations of house rules have a warning, and then in game consequences. For instance, talking to other characters more than you would actually be able to during combat will receive a warning, and if done again may result in a attack of opportunity by an enemy for not paying attention to combat, or something of similar effect. This is just an example.

For changes to the Avatard20 rules see the Campaign Forum

d20 SRD (System Reference Document)
DM Screen
Blinding with Mirrors
Ending in Allies Square
GP Limit
PC Rules
Prestige Points
Rest Requirements
Risk and Reward
Structure Fires
Targeting Body Parts


Myth-Weavers is a online website that led me to Obsidian Portal and we will be using for the character stats in this campaign.

PLAYERS: keep your base character stats up to date on the myth-weavers account set up for this campaign. To reach it go to, then sign in with:

Username: wolfman117
Password: dakota7

Once you have signed up go to Sheets and make a character sheet. Save it and i will be able to access it. Keep your stats up to date!!! You can also choose to add a link to your stats on your character page instead.



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