Rough Rhinos

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“Colonel Mongke and the Rough Rhinos are legendary, each one is a different kind of weapon specialist. They are also a very capable singing group. "
— Describing the Rough Rhinos

ough Rhinos
The Rough Rhinos are an elite group of Imperial Order Komodo Rhino cavalry. They do not seem to be under the direct control of the military, but instead work on a freelance basis for the Empire. There are five members of the group, each of whom specializes in a different type of weapon/fighting style.Interestingly, each of their preferred weapons are not well adapted for close-combat.
Their leader, Colonel Mongke, is a talented Firebender. He is the one of only two Firebenders in the group. Ogodei and Kahchi prefer Mêlée weaponry; Ogodei carries chains or “bogo” and Kahchi, a halberd. Yeh-Lu specializes in explosives and wears armor that hides his face from view. Vachir wields a bow despite being a firebender, and frequently uses lit arrows, making him the third member to fight with fire, and the only other firebender in the group. His facial tattoos suggest that he may have once been a member of the Ponhuai Archers.


Rough Rhinos

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