Rest Requirements

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esting Requirements

For the purposes of this game, 8 hours of rest includes time spent on watch. As long as the group is not attacked or otherwise disturbed, if they have made camp for 8 hours, all spell-casters are assumed to have regained their spells and all fatigue effects have worn off.

Sleeping in Armor

According to the PHB, sleeping in anything heavier than light armor will cause a character to become fatigued.

However, based on the description of certain types of medium and heavy armor included in the PHB, I have decided that certain types of armor may have pieces removed, which will allow the wearer to sleep in them with partial protection without risk of fatigue.

1/2 Plate and Chainmail include a chain shirt as part of their armor structure. The wearer may leave this on and receive the benefit of a chain shirt without the risk of fatigue.

I would like to acknowledge Gnunn as i got this idea from his campaign The Westerlands.


Rest Requirements

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