Purple Dragon Knights

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urple Dragon Knights
The Purple Dragon Knights are an elite group of Knights that hale from the massive city kingdom of Omashu. The knights’ name comes from Thauglor, an ancient black dragon who once lived in the Kolau Mountain Range. As Thauglor matured, his scales faded from ebony to violet. The dragon wrecked havoc in the area, being a low dragon of limited intelligence. The Dragon Knights formed as a ban of the most honorable and skilled warriors of Omashu and after defeating the dragon, took the name purple dragon knights. The Knights now work as law enforcers within Omashu. They are also widely hired as private detectives throughout The Land of Earth, and their reputation makes them accepted detectives within all countries, although they do on occasion come into conflict with the Justicars of the White Mantel. The Knights consist mainly of Melee fighters, but also include some Earthbenders, although their fighting tactics must be adapted to allow for the use of their heavy armor.


Purple Dragon Knights

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