Prestige Classes

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restige Classes
All characters are encouraged to create their own new prestige classes, especially for the different benders, and any such ideas should be brought to the DM for consideration.

The following Prestige Classes are appropriate for use in the Avatar world:

  • Avenging Executioner (Complete Scoundrel)
  • Battle Trickster (Complete Scoundrel)
  • Bloodhound (Complete Adventurer)
  • Cavalier (Complete Warrior)
  • Combat Trapsmith (Complete Scoundrel)
  • Dai Li Agent
  • Dark Hunter (Complete Warrior)
  • Darkwood Stalker (Complete Warrior)
  • Dervish (Complete Warrior)
  • Disciple of the Healing Waters
  • Dread Pirate (Complete Adventurer)
  • Exemplar (Complete Adventurer)
  • Exotic Weapon Master (Complete Warrior)
  • Fist of the Forest (Complete Champion)
  • Frenzied Berserker (Complete Warrior)
  • Highland Stalker (Complete Adventurer)
  • Invisible Blade (Complete Warrior)
  • Justicar (Complete Warrior)
  • Knight Protector (Complete Warrior)
  • Master Thrower (Complete Warrior)
  • Order of the Bow Initiate (Complete Warrior)
  • Purple Dragon Knight (Complete Warrior)
  • Reaping Mauler (Complete Warrior)
  • Ronin (Complete Warrior)
  • Spymaster (Complete Adventurer)
  • Streetfighter (Complete Adventurer)
  • Tempest (Complete Adventurer)
  • Thief-Acrobat (Complete Adventurer)
  • Uncanny Trickster (Complete Scoundrel)

Individual DM’s are encouraged to add additional base classes as they desire, keeping in mind that more traditional magic does not exist in the Avatar world. Note that the classes in the above list are not necessarily thematically appropriate for all (or even any) games set in the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender, but rather the abilities they grant are abilities that could appear in the setting.


Prestige Classes

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