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November 2011 campaign of the month

laces in the Avatar Campaign World

This section will list the different countries, cities, villages, factions, and any other notable group that the party is introduced to. The different locations in the Avatar World are geographically distinguished by which of The Four Lands they are located in. The four lands are represented on the map above by what color the associated land masses are. These lands are distinguished by which of the four Bending Arts originate from and are most prevalent in.

The only locations not posted here are those in relation to the Lost Continent.

ap of the Known World
The known lands in the Avatar World are shown here. Below are the locations marked on the world map. To zoom in click on the map above. For more information on places in the Avatar world, see Geography.

For reference, the distance between Tahari City (18) and Minku Island (19) is 100 miles. It takes roughly three days on average to travel that distance on foot.

1. Northern Water Tribe
2. Northern Air Temple
3. Western Air Temple
4. Gates of Ba Sing Se
5. Baishan City
6. Senju Village
7. Taku City
8. Makapu Village
9. Yunnan Village
10. Baiyin City
11. Gaipan Village
12. Ponhuai Stronghold
13. Torga Merchants Pier
14. [[Altur’Rang | Altur’Rang]]
15. Dragons Mouth
16. Black Cliffs
17. Fortress of Tears
18. Tahari City
19. Minku Island
20. Ember Island
21. Shu Jing
22. Jang Hui Village
23. Sedu Village
24. Crescent Island
25. Great Divide
26. Senlin Village
27. Fong Lu Fortress
28. Asloth
29. Serpent’s Pass
30. Shi Tong’s University
31. Kolau Mountain Range
32. Cave of Two Lovers
33. Omashu
34. Foggy Swamp
35. Senhai City
36. Tu Zin Village
37. Abbey
38. Gaoling City
39. Unagi Reef
40. Eastern Air Temple
41. Southern Air Temple
42. Southern Water Tribe
43. Whale Tail Island
44. Lake Laogai
45. Mazu Sea
46. Chameleon Bay
47. Hung Ru City
48. Patola Mountain Range
49. Si Wong Desert
50. Ba Sing Se
51. Endris City
52. Mazu Keep
53. Patola Valley
54. Sun Warrior City
55. The Boiling Rock
56. Shaihan City
57. Dohva Island
58. Imperial Order Royal Palace
59. Full Moon Bay
60. Mo Ce Sea
61. The Forsaken Fortress
62. Fu Lon City
63. Morhall Village
64. Ebinessia
65. Kulou Village
66. Pianglou City
67. Medina
68. Estondul
69. Ubator
70. Terahk
71. Pale Oak Keep
72. Eternal Watch Dojo
73. Obsidian Spire
74. Shadowlands
75. Foothill Village
76. Mountain Shadow City
77. Shrine of the Sleeping Dragon
78. Wu Dan Fortress
79. Ky Len Sanctuary
80. Mizu Mura City



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