Order of the Eastern Scorpion

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astern Scorpions

The Eastern Scorpions are one of the worlds larger factions and controls the entire expanse of the Si Wong Desert, as well as much of the land immediately surrounding it. The Si Wong Desert is located in the south-eastern region of The Land of Earth.

The desert used to be part of Ba Sing Se, until the rise in crime associated with the remote desert forced the armies of Ba Sing Se to attempt and restore order in the desert. The desert was a stronghold for such trades as smuggling, theft, black-markets, illegal goods, and slave trading. Thief guilds, pirates, and others of the like thrived in the arid wastelands. The war lasted for years. The Earthbender armies of Ba Sing Se stormed through the desert, forcing the various crime organizations to group together, calling themselves the Eastern Scorpions. The desert was devoid of resources for those who did not know where to look, and gorilla tactics combined with the harsh environment led to heavy losses for the kings army. A 12 year war was becoming extremely unpopular in the home cities. A deciding battle was fought near the center of the desert, and the Earthbenders were unable to effectively fight in the loose sand. Outmatched and with low moral, the battle was loss and caused a heavy blow to the army. The King was forced to end the war as it was becoming increasingly costly and unpopular, ending in the loss of the desert from Ba Sing Se territory. The Scorpions were led by 9 powerful Thieves Guilds, each of which now own a huge city somewhere in the dessert. The richest of these guilds is the only one who has made their location, Tu Zin Village, known to the public. All the other guild cities are unmarked on the map, known only to those who have been there and scattered throughout the desert.

The Eastern Scorpions set up a code of conduct for the desert, which mainly consists of such codes as honor amongst thieves, eye for and eye, and other simple codes. The factions citizens basically governed themselves and become a safe haven for criminal activity. The massive Senhai City was built in the south, a metropolis built around a giant oasis that serves as a trading hub and center of activity for the criminals of the desert. Anarchy at its finest. The city was made with the aid of earthbending, and is basically a giant rock fortress surrounding a massive oasis. Traders and vendors of every kind fill the streets while taverns and crime groups are frequent occurrences.

Sandbenders live in different tribes in the Si Wong Desert. Sandbenders have adapted well to the arid environment of the desert and utilize a unique art known as Sandbending. They use sand-sailors to travel across the land which they power by bending a sand tornado to blow wind into the sails. The people of the Sandbender Tribes are distrustful of any strangers and make a habit of stealing from them. However, if they have wronged any foreigners, they must offer them hospitality. Sandbending is a form of Earthbending thats has adapted to bend the lose sand of the desert.

The Beetle-Head Merchants were the first tribe existent in the Si Wong Desert. According to legend, the beetle-like headpieces they don predate back to a tradition of their ancestors, who disguised themselves to look like Sour Beetles in order to avoid being hunted by giant Gilacorns which found the beetles unpalatable. They are skillful traders with easygoing personalities and are able to see potential worth in almost anything. Their camps are spread throughout the desert and Senhai City serves as their base for trade affairs. Their means of transportation are Giant Beetles.

The Eastern Scorpions, composed of various criminal groups, has no official politics. They are known to actively pirate ships of Ba Sing Se and still have very harsh memories of the Desert
War. It is known that they actively trade with the White Mantel. While without much official policies, one national consensus is the passionate hate of any who try to control them in any way, as unregulated anarchy is the policy of the desert peoples.


Order of the Eastern Scorpion

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