Northern Air Temple

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orthern Air Temple

The Northern Air Temple is one of the four temples of the Air Nomads, and one of the two, the other being the Southern Air Temple, exclusively housing male Airbenders. It is located in the upper reaches of The Land of Earth. The Northern Air Temple is home to the Sky Bison polo championships.

The temple is large. Like the Southern Air Temple, it also has an Air Temple Sanctuary. Inside the Sanctuary resides numerous statues of past Avatars. Several of the temples’ doors and mechanisms are operable only through means of Airbending. It looks similar to the Southern Air Temple.

Air Temple Sanctuary
Located inside the Air Temple, this great hall was built as a spiritual place where only the elder monks and the Avatar were allowed. Only master Airbenders can open the door to the sanctum.

Natural resources and foods
As could be determined, air is the main and most significant power source and natural resource of the Nomads, as without it they would be rendered powerless. With the power of air channeled under their control, the Airbenders are enabled to defend and protect their homes and way of life and travel across the globe.

The Air Nomads are a tranquil and environmentally friendly race of people and did their best not to leave a mark on the land. Any industry that they engender, such as farming and gardening, is powered naturally. They also produce their own food.

Air Nomads are also vegetarians, as are the modern monks of Tibet.


Northern Air Temple

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