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usic in the World of Avatar

Music is an important cultural aspect for all the nations in the Avatar World. A variety of musical instruments are played such as the Tsungi Horn and Pipa as well as a variety of songs. People from all the nations seem to enjoy playing music and it is one of the main sources of entertainment.

Songs in the World of Avatar
Songs are a traditional and cultural part of the World of Avatar. Some songs are ancient and passed down through the generations, while others are simply popular folk songs. Different cultures have unique songs deriving from their history, while many other songs are known by multiple cultures.


  • Tsungi Horn.

    The Tsungi Horn is a musical instrument used in the traditional music of the Four Lands. The curved and highly polished horn is cast from metal and is believed to have originated in The Land of Fire
  • Pipa

    The pipa is plucked instrument with a pear-shaped body, played similarly to a lute. It has 4-5 silk stings, and 5-30 frets, depending on the region in which it is made. These differences give the instrument a vast range of sounds.
  • Zheng
    The zheng (Chinese: 箏, zhēng), , also called the guzheng, is a plucked, zither-like instrument. It has movable bridges and 15-25 strings, allowing the player to customize its sound.
  • Erhu
    The erhu (Chinese: 二胡, èr hú), also known as the Chinese fiddle, is a two-stringed instrument played with a bow. It consists of a long, thin neck with tuning pegs at the top and a resonated at the base.
  • Flute
    The flute is a reedless wind instrument that produces its sound from the flow of air against an edge. In the Avatar World, it is also classified as a woodwind
  • Drum
    The drum consist of one membrane, that is stretched over a shell and struck, directly with parts of a player’s body.
  • Djembe
    The Djembe is a skin covered hand drum, shaped like a large goblet, and is meant to be played with bare hands.
  • Morin Khuur
    The morin khuur is a bowed instrument that has a horse’s head on it. It produces a sound much like a horse neighing or a breeze blowing. The Flame-yos use this instrument.

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