Kanji Cranes

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anji Kranes

The Kanji Cranes were once members of the Air Nomads. After years of watching the corruption and tyranny in the world, they wanted the Airbenders to become involved. The Nomads are a peaceful people, and the Cranes could not get anyone else to follow them. When the council found out they had begun to participate in foreign wars, and that they had been responsible for a series of assassinations, they were banished from the temple. The Kanji Cranes left in anger and frustration, furious that the monks would preach love for the world and its people, but would not fight for them. They became bitter and unmerciful, seeing the world in a dark and hopeless shadow. The Cranes left, going into exile, and would end up somewhere near the Mo Ce Sea. Where exactly, none know.


Kanji Cranes

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