Jang Hui Village

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ang Hui Village
Jang Hui is a small fishing village situated in one of the outer islands of The Land of Fire. Located on the Jang Hui River, from which it takes its name, this unique village is made up of connected houseboats and buildings on stilts. The village is primarily a fishing village and this is how they derive the majority of their income. Jang Hui is famous for their orphanage, taking in orphaned children from the war. This village was taken some 15 odd years ago by the Imperial Order, only recently retaken by the Lotus Navy. During the occupation, Kio, an orphan in the city, joined into the order seeking a better life and to hone his Firebending skills. Taken back to the mainland to be tutored into the army of the Order, this would eventually lead to the events at Senju Village.


Jang Hui Village

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