Gates of Ba Sing Se

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ates of Ba Sing Se

These massive gates are the only conventional way into the underground metropolis city of Ba Sing Se. The giant wall is built into the side of a mountain through Earthbending, creating a wall that is easily defended by the Earthbender military inside the city. All who wish to enter Ba Sing Se must be admitted through the great gates.

After the fall of the Exalted Emporium, the remnants of the once great Earthbender nation reformed from the ruins of its’ conquered culture. Originally the nation was a collection of walled cities in the Eastern region of The Land of Earth, but the enhanced powers of the Emporium Saarebas were too great for the once thought unconquerable defenders. After the fall of the Emporium, the reformed leaders of Ba Sing Se built a massive underground city to, to make future invasion attempts futile by all but an earthbender army; in which Ba Sing Se has the finest. Many people wonder about the practical long term application of a finite underground city with a rapidly growing population. Although it is common knowledge the underground city cannot be a permanent solution, it will be many centuries before it is an immediate concern. Until that time Ba Sing Se remains the largest and most secure city in the world.


Gates of Ba Sing Se

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