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lora and Fauna in the World of Avatar

Fauna in the World of Avatar has a notable characteristic in that most animals are chimeras – crossbreeds of two real world animals. The animals from D&D 3.5e are also present however, as well as Dinosaurs in some locations. The flora present in the World of Avatar varies from place to place, depending on climate and conditions.

Assume all Flora and Fauna from D&D 3.5e that are appropriate for the Avatar World (No Magic) exist in the proper geographical habitats in this world. For example, poisons and plants that are appropriate for the avatar world will grow in the proper habitat. The same with animals. Wolves for example will live in the Avatar World most places in the Northern Hemisphere while Polar Bears will exist in the poles and so on. Some unique creatures from 3.5e will also be added throughout the campaign.

This page simply lists the Flora and Fauna unique to the Avatar World. Details on the stats of some of these animals can be viewed at Creatures and Opponents. For information on the animals, such as their appearance, behavior, and more go to the Flora and Fauna page of the Avatar Wikia. Note that the info there is based on the time of the show 2,600 years from now.


Si Wong Desert
The Si Wong Desert holds the driest, hottest climate of the world. The desert’s ecosystem primarily consists of cactus and a few scavenger species such as the Gilacorn, the large predatory insects Buzzard-Wasp, Giant Beetles used for transportation, scorpions and jackalopes.

Great Divide
The Great Divide has various species due to an arid climate. This allows the survival of some creatures, such as the Canyon Crawlers.

Foggy Swamp
Due to the humid air, the Foggy Swamp has a large variety of flora and fauna. Hundreds of living things are densely packed into the swamp, which is home to many creatures, including the Glow Fly, Elbow Leech, Screaming Bird, Catgator, as well as a abnormally large variety of Dinosaurs.

North-Eastern Land of Earth
Vast plains, mountains, and a few temperate forests are scattered across the North-eastern Land of Earth Many habitats are available for a wide variety of species.

North-Western Land of Earth
Thick pine forests, snowy winters, tall mountains, and lakes and rivers are scattered across the North-Western Land of Earth and it has a wide variety of species.

Tropical (Land of Fire)
The Land of Fire has a few tropical rainforests where many animals, such as the Mongoose Dragon, the Boarcupine, and the Badgerfrog, live.

The Northern and Southern Water Tribes do not have much flora, but there are animals able to live at low temperatures, such as the Otter-Penguin, Polar Sea Lion and Buffalo Yak.

Lists of Flora

Air Nomads

  • White Lotus – A white flower, famed for its beauty and for the Pai Sho tile modeled after it.
  • Leechi Nuts – Small, reddish brown nuts notable for their taste and abundance. Leechi nuts are a special favorite of Winged Lemurs.

Water Tribes

  • Sea Prune – A prune that grows underwater and similar in taste to the Ocean Kumquat.
  • Seaweed – Kind of algae used for lotions and most likely cooking.

The Land of Earth

  • Apple – Sweet, cultivated fruit.
  • Bacui Berries – Berries known to cure the poison of the White Jade plant.
  • Banana Leaf – Used as medicine.
  • Banyan-Grove Tree – A tree that encompasses and is the heart of the Foggy Swamp.
  • Barrel Cactus – A normal cactus
  • Cabbage – Cultivated leafy vegetable.
  • Cactus – A spiky “juice” filled plant found in deserts, (“juice” causes hallucinations).
  • Camellia sinensis – The tea plant, is the species of plant whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea.
  • Chili pepper – Spicy, colorful fruits.
  • Ginger Root – Used to make a type of tea.
  • Jasmine – Flower used to make tea.
  • Leechi Nuts – Leechi nuts also grow in the land of earth (see “Leechi nuts-Air Nomads”).
  • Macahoni Berries – Berries that cause blindness, very similar in appearance to Bacui Berries.
  • Mango – Cultivated, sweet, orange-red fruit.
  • Moon Flower – A white flower that grows best in partial shade.
  • Moon Peach – Sweet, pale round fruit.
  • Panda Lily – Rare black and white flower found only near volcanoes, a symbol of love.
  • Papaya – Waxy orange fruit.
  • Rice – Cultivated white grain.
  • Plum Blossom – Cultivated for its fruits and flowers.
  • Sandalwood – Aromatic plant, used as medicine.
  • Seaweed – Kind of algae.
  • Soy – Made into sauce and tofu.
  • Watermelon – Sweet, juicy melon.
  • White Dragon – A plant with red-white flowers, famed for the tea made with its leaves and flowers.
  • White Jade – A plant with red-white flowers, poisonous (causes rashes, fatal if not treated).

The Land of Fire

  • Ash Banana – Long, grey squash.
  • Camellia sinensis – The tea plant, is the species of plant whose leaves and leaf buds are used to produce tea.
  • Chile pepper – Spicy, colorful fruits.
  • Fire Lily – A vibrantly red flower, famed for its beauty, only blooms for a few weeks each year.
  • Lemon – Sour yellow fruits.
  • Purple Berries – Used for dye.
  • Rose – Aromatic cultivated flower.
  • Ocean Kumquat- Small, round fruits, similar to Sea Prunes.

List of Fauna

Air Nomads

  • Firefly – Bioluminescent flying insect.
  • Hermit Crab – Crab with a shell-switching lifestyle, covered in a coat of black and white hair.
  • Sky Bison – Large, flying mammals sacred to Air Nomads as the original Airbenders.
  • Winged-Lemur – Flying white and black lemurs kept as pets.

Water Tribes

  • Arctic Hen – Hen that lives in the arctic, bred for meat.
  • Arctic Hippo – Hunted for its blubber.
  • Arctic Seal – Swimming mammals that live at the South Pole.
  • Armadillo Wolf – Armadillo and wolf cross.
  • Buffalo Yak – Buffalo and yak cross, used for transportation.
  • Fish – Of various types.
  • Koalaotters – Koala and otter cross.
  • Octopus – Cephalopod that lives in the sea.
  • Otter-Penguin – Penguin and otter cross used for penguin sledding.
  • Polar Bear Dogs – Polar bear and dog cross, Southern Water Tribe pets.
  • Polar Leopard – Polar bear and leopard cross.
  • Polar Sea Lion – Striped brown seal, hunted for meat.
  • Sea Sponge – Aquatic invertebrate animal.
  • Turtle Seal – Brown seal with a hard shell.
  • White Hamsters – Small, white rodents.

The Land of Earth

  • Ant – Small insects that live in large colonies.
  • Armadillo Bear – Armadillo and bear cross.
  • Armadillo Lion – Armadillo and lion cross.
  • Armadillo Wolf – Armadillo and wolf cross.
  • Badgermole – Badger and mole cross, original Earthbenders, blind.
  • Blue Jay – Birds with blue feathers.
  • Bear – A large brown bear, extremely rare.
  • Bearded Cat – Domesticated feline with beard-like whiskers.
  • Boarcupine – Large wild boar covered in sharp, detachable spines.
  • Bull Pig – Boar and bull cross.
  • Buzzard-Wasp – Enormous flying insects which live under the Si Wong Rock.
  • Cabbage Slug – Destructive agricultural pest.
  • Camelephant – Elephant and camel cross, used for transportation.
  • Canyon Crawler – Spider and crocodile cross.
  • Cat – Fluffy white cat with green eyes.
  • Cat Owl – Large, predatory bird with cat-like face.
  • Catgator – Cat fish and alligator cross.
  • Chameleon – A small lizard with yellowish eyes and a crest on its head.
  • Chicken- unhybridized chicken.
  • Dog – Unhybridized dog.
  • Dove – Unhybridized pigeons with white feathers.
  • Dragonfly – Dragonfly and lizard cross.
  • Duck – Farmed bird, often roasted.
  • Eel Hound – Eel and hound cross, used for transportation on land and water.
  • Elbow Leech – Enormous leech, attaches only to elbows.
  • Elephant Koi – Enormous Koi fish.
  • Elephant Mandrill – Mandrill and elephant cross.
  • Elephant Rat – Elephant and rat cross.
  • Fox Antelope – Fox and antelope cross.
  • Gemsbok Bull – Bull and gemsbok cross.
  • Gharial Hog – Gharial and hog cross.
  • Giant Beetle – Giant beetle, used for transportation.
  • Giant Fly – Giant bug, eaten in the Foggy Swamp.
  • Giant Night Crawler – Giant worm.
  • Gilacorn – Small, desert-dwelling, egg-stealing lizard.
  • Glow Fly – Fly that glows.
  • Gopher Bear – Hybrid-like beast of a gopher and a bear.
  • Gorilla Goat – Gorilla and goat cross.
  • Hippo – Just a hippo.
  • Hybrid Pigs – Domesticated farm animals.
  • Hog Monkey – Forest-dwelling ape.
  • Hopping Llama – Presumably a llama that can hop, as the name implies.
  • Jackalope – Jackrabbit with large antlers.
  • Leech-A-Pillar – Leech and caterpillar cross.
  • Meadow Vole – Small white rodent.
  • Ostrich Horse – Large brown bird, used for transportation.
  • Platypus Bear – Platypus and bear cross, lays edible eggs.
  • Poodle Monkey – Domesticated simian pet.
  • Possum Chicken- A possum chicken cross living in the swamp.
  • Purple Pentapus – Smalle, five-legged octopus, causes fake illness Pentapox.
  • Pygmy Pumas – Smaller, sleeker versions of pumas bred for compact city living.
  • Quilled Chameleon – Chimeric reptile found in the densely forested areas of the Earth Kingdom.
  • Rabbiroo – Rabbit and kangaroo cross.
  • Rabbit – A small, long-eared, mammal sometimes kept as a pet.
  • Reptile Bird – Green parrot and lizard cross.
  • Saber-tooth Moose-Lion – Moose and lion cross, cubs are non-aggressive.
  • Scorpion – Poisonous insect found in deserts.
  • Screeching Dodo – White bird with piercing, shriek-like call.
  • Serpent – A serpent – like seahorse.
  • Se Tu – Giant, green catfish.
  • Scorpion Bee – Stinging, swarming, flying insect.
  • Shirshu – Body of an anteater and dragon-like head, a very keen sense of smell for navigation.
  • Singing Groundhog – Small, brown, furry rodent with musical call.
  • Skunk Bear – Skunk and bear cross.
  • Skunkfish – Foul smelling, oily fish.
  • Sooty Copper Fritillary – An orange and yellow butterfly.
  • Sparrowkeet – Dove-sized birds, sometimes kept as pets.
  • Spider – Eight-legged, web-weaving arachnid.
  • Turkey Duck – Turkey and duck cross, bred for meat.
  • Unagi – Enormous eel that inhabit Kyoshi Island.
  • Viper Bat – Serpent-like creatures with bat wings found in caves.
  • Wolfbat – Large, snub-nosed bats found in caves.
  • Wood Frog – Frog found in swamps with medicinal properties.

The Land of Fire

  • Anteater Sloth – Anteater and sloth cross.
  • Badgerfrog – Badger and frog cross.
  • Boarcupine – Large wild boar covered in sharp, detachable spines.
  • Camelephant – Elephant and camel cross, used for transportation.
  • Cave-Hopper – White insect with four legs.
  • Clam – Water-dwelling mollusk, easily affected by pollution.
  • Cow Hippo – Domesticated, meat-eating animal with black and white spots.
  • Dragon – Large, horned reptile with a long body; the first Firebenders.
  • Dragon Hawk – Messenger birds of prey with dark red or brown feathers.
  • Dragon Moose – Dragon and moose cross.
  • Duck – Farmed bird, often roasted.
  • Eagle Hawk – Most likely a cross between an eagle and a hawk. Bird with sharp eyesight.
  • Elephant Rat – Elephant and rat cross.
  • Iguana Seal – Large aquatic reptile
  • Koala Sheep – Koala and sheep cross.
  • Komodo Rhino – Komodo dragon and rhinoceros cross.
  • Lion Vulture – Vulture and lion cross.
  • Maggot Slug – Most likely a hybrid of a maggot and a slug.
  • Mongoose Dragon – Mongoose and dragon cross.
  • Raven Eagle – Raven and eagle cross.
  • Sea Lion – Large, aquatic mammal, sometimes used for transportation.
  • Sea Raven – Fierce, black seabirds.
  • Sea Slug – Large slug, sometimes cooked.
  • Snail Sloth – Snail and sloth cross.
  • Tigerdillo – Presumably a hybrid between a tiger and an armadillo.
  • Toucan-Puffin – Sea birds with large, colorful bills.
  • Turtle Duck – Ducks with protective shells.
  • Two-Headed Fish – Mutated fish found in polluted waters of Jang Hui River.


  • Flying Boar – Symbol of the Bei Fong Family; possibly either very rare, extinct, or mythological.
  • Lion Turtle – Lion and turtle cross.
  • Spiderfly – An insect most likely based on the common spider, and fly.
  • Spidersnake – Spider and snake cross.
  • Squirrel – Just a squirrel. Seen over the Lion Turtle.
  • Two-Headed Rat Viper – Rodent-eating serpent.


Flora and Fauna

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