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Fire is the element of power. The people of the Land of Fire have desire and will and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.
Firebenders were first inspired by the Sun but the Dragons are credited as the first to fully teach the art of Firebending to man. The philosophy of Firebending, when it was first created, differs radically from that of the present-day Imperial Order. Originally representing warmth, energy and life, the Empire has become fueled by greed and rage. Firebending in itself is not totally devoted to unleashing the power of fire on one’s enemies.

In actuality, the focus is placed upon balance. Firebending hinges on inner calm, discipline, and emotional and physical stability such as a firm balanced form, breath control and general good health. Firebenders are more powerful during the day than at night due to presence of the Sun. Firebenders lose their power to Bend during a solar eclipse. Firebending moves are based mainly on the style of Northern Shaolin. Northern Shaolin Kung Fu features quick, successive and flamboyant attacks, making firebending the most aggressive of the four bending arts. Breath control is one of the first things taught to young Firebenders as without control of breathing, they are more prone to lose control of the fire that they are creating or manipulating, leading to disastrous results. The firebenders originate from The Land of Fire, which includes both the capitols for the Dragons of the White Lotus as well as the Fellowship of the Imperial Order.

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