Fire Sages

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“We are the Fire Sages, guardians of the temple of the Avatar.”
— The Fire Sages introducing themselves

ire Sages
The Fire Sages were the religious authority of The Land of Fire, responsible for identifying the Avatar’s incarnations when he or she is born in there, guarding the temple, and conducting weddings and funerals to those who seek their help. After the Imperial Order replaced them with the anti-avatar Brothers of the Order, the sages have become aligned with the Lotus Alliance

There was probably a connection between the earliest Fire Sages and the Sun Warriors, as some have noticed that Sun Warrior buildings are architecturally similar to the Fire Sages’ temples. At a time in which the Order is defeated the Alliance has proposed a plan that will unite the land of fire under the rule of the Fire Sages. A council of Sages would lead the Nation with a strong sense of spirituality held to the highest degree, similar to the spiritual Air Nomads. However, many worry about the how this will work in the long run, and the possibility of the elder sage simply taking power for himself and declaring himself the Fire Lord. This is merely speculative however, as the end of the war against the Empire is far from within sight.


Fire Sages

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