Eternal Watch Dojo

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ternal Watch Dojo

This Dojo village lies inbetween the forking northern end of a river, southeast of the Northern Air Temple. The Dojo has been abandoned for some time, as the current owner is an old monk who has not used the apparently haunted dojo in years. He now lives in Morhall Village. This Dojo is also sometimes called by the name of “Vigils Keep”. He says any who are willing to buy the haunted place for 32,000 gold can have it and take care of the creatures themselves, which is quite a deal considering its estimated value at 55,000 gold pieces. Most think the man is a crazy old hermit, but none are willing to search the intimidating keep and find out for themselves. Just northwest of the Dojo is a massive ascent of stone stair carved into the side of the dormant volcano mountain next to the keep. At the peak of the stairs, three massive statues known as the pillars of virtue look over the valley. Further up the mountain path leads to the volcano, known as the Sleeping Dragon. Built into the side is a ancient and sealed temple, named the Shrine of the Sleeping Dragon by those who know of the ominous place.


Eternal Watch Dojo

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