Endris City

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The massive city of Endris, once the capitol of the Exalted Emporium was named after Endrin, the man who started and ruled over the Emporium during the Age of Darkness. The city is built up against a mountain. On the other side of the rock wall was a huge valley surrounded by towering cliffs, making access to it all but impossible. Endrin had them tunnel through the mountain where the front of the city was built, creating a long tunnel through the mountain wall and into the valley where the massive heart of the metropolis was built. Once a place of terror and fear, the city is now the capitol of the White Mantel, and has become the largest economic center in the world, gathering massive amounts of income from trading as well as exports across the globe. Endris also has the largest agricultural revenue in all the land, earning it the nickname the breadbasket of the world. The entire area around the river that runs near the city is filled with endless fields of wheat and other crops, as far as the eye can see. The water is diverted through a state of the art irrigation system that makes a limitless abundance of crops. Endris is such a massive capitol that there aren’t even any other cities in the area, just small farms and villages. Despite its new rule, the cities many statues depicting Saarebas overlords and dark walls and architecture leave a reminder of the past evil that ruled here.


Endris City

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