Earth Rumble

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arth Rumble
This underground Tournament for Earthbenders is literally held underground in a giant earthen arena in Gaoling City. Being a Championship Tournament, the Earth Rumbles are annual. The Earth Rumble competitions are similar to real world professional wrestling—extravagant fighters with unique names and skills fight each other in matches, with a championship belt at stake. The competition is a popular Earth Kingdom attraction, and the stands are always full except for the front rows, which are constantly demolished and pummeled from flying rocks. The rules of Earth Rumble are simple: knock the other fighter out of the ring with Earthbending and you advance to the next round. The fighter who defeats all others gets to challenge the winner of the past Earth Rumble competition for the title of Earthbending Champion. To make things more interesting, the man running the competition sometimes offers prize money to an audience member who thinks they can defeat the Earthbending Champion.


Earth Rumble

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