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Dragons are the original practitioners of Firebending and are capable of breathing fire. They taught this ability to the Sun Warriors civilization.

A dragon is a large, horned reptile with a long, scaly body that ends in a thin tail. It has four short legs and two very large wings that enable it to fly quickly over great distances. The dragon’s head is large compared to the rest of its body. Its bearded face is dominated by a wide, flat nose and golden, cat-like eyes. There two main types of dragons that include High Dragons and Low Dragons. High dragons are much larger and more serpentine in body, able to communicate telepathically and very powerful; while low dragons are smaller, more western styled and less intelligent. Within these two categories are many subspecies of varying appearance, temperament, and personality. A domesticated species of high dragon, known as royal dragons, look like high dragons but are slimmer and not as bulky, and while still very intelligent they are unable to speak telepathically, but can relay images and feelings. Royal Dragons are sometimes used as mounts in The Land of Fire.



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