Crimson Dragons

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rimson Dragons
The Crimson Dragons are an elite group of warriors in the Lotus Alliance. The Dragons sole duty is the protection of The Avatar and his companions. The Crimson Dragons wear masterfully crafted red dragon armor. They wield heavy shields, spears, and swords. The group specializes in fighting together with their massive shields made of dragon hide, coming together as a impenetrable wall to shrug of enemy attacks, and then creating openings to retaliate with spears and allied Firebenders. The group is renowned for their discipline and fighting skill, being trained directly under General Zimmer. The current leader of the elite fighting group is Higen, who specializes in using his advanced and powerful crossbow when not fighting in the Crimson shield wall. The Dragons’ are also renowned for wading into melee combat against firebenders without fear, as their shields and armor are made from the scales of deceased Dragons and are resistant to all but the strongest flames.


Crimson Dragons

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