Brothers of Order

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rothers of Order
The Brothers of the Fellowship of Order are the spiritual leaders of the Imperial Order. They are seen as the heart and soul of the Order. The Brothers are sometimes referred to as the high priests of the Order. Narev is their leader. It was the Brothers who spread the ideals of the Order. They were men who had rejected the luxuries of life, in order to better serve the Creators wishes. They dress in heavy, dark brown, hooded robes. Their leader, Narev, wears a wrinkled cap, to symbolize his leadership. Nobody knows exactly where the Brothers came from, as they seemed to show up out of nowhere when no beliefs even similar to theirs existed anywhere else. Brother Narev personally mentored the emperor, and now has his complete confidence. Some even think Naarev is pulling the strings behind the entire Empire. It should also be noted that the brothers have an unusually light complexion. All the Brothers of Order are also skilled Firebenders


Brothers of Order

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