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Chapter 3

This bending system prioritizes creativity and versatility over ease of use. It requires additional dice rolls to adjudicate, but allows benders to combine bending seeds to create a wider range of options.

Bending Overview

The Bending Arts:
The Bending Arts are a form of elemental mysticism, where a person is able to control and manipulate a particular element. Though some degree of talent for Bending seems to be inborn to certain people or families, true skill in Bending requires lengthy and intensive study, dedication and practice. Each Bending form is largely channeled through “katas” or patterned movements and stances that give shape and focus to the chi that allows one to Bend. As such, Benders are at their most vulnerable when restrained or unfocused and unable to enact these motions with accuracy and clarity. Each Bending style is tied thematically to the katas that empower it, and as a result, the motions of each style are quite distinct.



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