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The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns and found peace and freedom. Also, they apparently have pretty good senses of humor.
Airbenders, also known as Air Nomads learned their bending art from the Sky Bison who Airbend using their tail and mouth. Furthermore, they emulate the natural, arrow-shaped markings of the Flying Bison by tattooing themselves with similar designs. These light blue, full body tattoos symbolize a person’s mastery of the Airbending discipline. Airbending is based on the Ba Gua style of martial arts. Ba Gua is known for its constantly circular movements, which makes it difficult for opponents to attack directly. The practitioner uses his own momentum as a weapon, constantly building up inertia for explosive counterattacks that evoke the unpredictabile nature and explosive force of the wind. While being the most dynamic of the bending arts, the style lacks fatal finishing moves, being an almost entirely defensive art.

Airbenders have the ability to enhance their movements during battle. They can take giant leaps into the air, move at high speeds, run on water and vertical surfaces, glide on air currents to slow their descent and even spin around like a tornado to move quickly and confuse opponents. They can also create cushions of air to soften and blunt the falls of heavy objects. Airbenders can project powerful gusts of wind from their mouths. Master Airbenders can create vortices to disorient and tornadoes to attack opponents. Airbenders are also capable of projecting solidified constructs of air to knock an opponent off balance or to provide defense from projectile weapons. The air nomads make their homes at the famous Air Temples where their culture is based. The air nomads are known for being a peaceful and gentle people who seek spiritual enlightenment, they don’t even eat meat. Their belief system is in many way similar to that of Buddhist monks.
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