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aconia is the strongest city in the North, and the capitol of the Laconic Alliance. Laconia is a massive walled city nestled in a valley surrounded by steep mountains and slim passes. The city is built on a hill, and has three walls. The outer wall is the tallest an thickest, rising high around the city and made of immense white stone. Just within the first wall is the business district which surrounds the outer-most ring of the city. The second wall surrounds the city district, and this is where the populous lives. Within that is the third and final walled ring, the capitol district. This is where the army, government, senate, assembly hall, and treasury is located. The gates to these three walled districts are always open unless the city is under siege.

The city is ruled by a King and his two High Generals. However, these rulers can be over-ruled by the senate. The senators are voted into power for life, but can be voted out at any time. Also, there is the Assembly which is another group of elected officials composed of prominent citizens and is the largest branch. This branch functions as a secondary senate and the two must agree on any laws that are past and can veto each-others actions. If an action is stuck between the two branches it is voted on by the populous. In Laconia, all boys are required to join the military from the ages of 7 to 21 and receive an outstanding education. After that, they lead normal lives but must still participate in military training. This is why the warriors of Laconia are the finest in Westeros.

The Sigil of Laconia is a Lion and their official motto is “With your shield, or on it”. The current king of Laconia is King Lycurgus.



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