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The city of the horse lords. Hederath is a sprawling city in the northern most reaches of the Burning Plains. Hederath has an army composed almost entirely of mounted warriors, and favors light armor and weapons because of it. They use curved swords from horseback, along with bows and whips. While the cavalry of Hederath has never been as strong as the Laconia Hoplites, especially in the tight passes that surround Laconia, the heavy Laconian infantry would never be able to attack Hederath on the open plains where their swift cavalry would have the advantage. Hederath is now part of the Laconic Alliance.

Hederath is ruled by a single King in a classic Monarchy. The King leads his men in the field upon horseback. The current king of Hederath is King Brego Eudain. The Sigil of house Eudain is a Horse, their motto is “Blood of my Blood”.

The horseman of Hederath are largely dominant over The Waste desert, due to their access to the Ninor River and speedy mounts.



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