Endrin's Shield

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ndrin’s Shield
This large swath of land is connected by a isthmus to the rest of the continent. When the Exatled Emporium first arrived on the continent, a great war was fought against the native kingdoms and the Emporium unleashed many horrible monstrosities in their abuse of Blood Rituals. While the chaos brought by these creatures helped them bring the natives to heel, it also turned against them when they lost control of some of their most horrible creations. Most horrible of this was the White Walkers. All of these horrors were fought and pushed back into the frozen forests and tundra of Endrin’s Shield and locked away with the creation of The Wall. Beyond the wall lies a cacophony of creatures. Among them are Frost Trolls, Giants, Winter Wolves, Dragons, Linnorms, Undead, Mammoths, Dire Polar Bears, and other terrifying creatures both spiritual and natural.


Endrin's Shield

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