Dragon's Throat

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ragon’s Throat
The ominous landmark know as the Dragon’s Throat. This is the largest volcano in all of the Avatar World. This massive volcano hot spot for Spirit World activity and as such it was coveted by the Exalted Emporium to use for their Blood Rituals. However, it is common knowledge that an ancient High Dragon of colossal power lives within the volcano. When an army of 1,000 Saarebas marched into the depths of the sleeping beast, the roars and screams could be heard for hours from the nearby Castle. The volcano began billowing dark smoke and the Castle prepared their benders for combat. As the screams ended, all was silent outside the volcano as a lightning storm began to grow above it. As a bolt streamed across the sky, it silhouetted the great dragon now perched atop the volcano and his molten colored eyes were seen by all upon the castle walls. The dragon unleashed a roar that shook the ground as he spewed a torrent of flames reaching higher than any man could see into the sky and then returned into his lair to slumber once more. None have dared disturb the Dragon’s Throat since.


Dragon's Throat

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