Baiyin City

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aiyin City

Baiyin is a decently sized city that has a huge port and market, stocked with all the various trade goods they import from oversees. Baiyin was occupied by the Imperial Order, but the occupation has been less than intrusive and consists mainly as a secured port for military supplies on route to the armies. Most residents are of the middle to upper middle class and Baiyin is a very popular vacation spot, as well as the location of an annual ship race that attracts sailors from all over the western coast. There have also been an increase in smugglers since the occupation, as the Imperial Overseer cares little about local crime that does not directly interest the Empire. The huge cliffs above the city are massive in scale and very few have attempted to reach the top. Local legends tell of the great horrors inflicted on those who disturb the summit, for angry wind spirits are said to dwell there; and any who violate their territory will see only a red blur in the mist before they are murdered by the angry spirits.


Baiyin City

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