Waterbending Scroll

A very old scroll left in the Southern Air Temple Library


A soft and delicate yellow scroll bearing the images of waterbending seeds.

Claws of Ice (Base DC: 10)
Activation: Move Action
Maintenance: Swift Action
Duration: As long as maintained, up to one minute per level
You encase you hands in water and freeze it forming shard weapons.
Your unarmed strike (hands only) now deals 2d6 points of slashing damage.

Capture (Template, +25 DC)
Bending Time: Full Round Action
Maintenance: Standard Action
Material: An amount of water approximately equivalent to one 10 by 10-foot cube
Effect: 10-ft sphere swirling ball of water
Duration: Concentration
Saving Throw: Reflex negates
You may attempt to engulf a target you have just struck
with a Waterbending form, assuming they fit in the
diameter of the sphere. The target must make a Reflex save or
be trapped in spinning water. The sphere has 0 hardness,
15 HP per Bender Level, and has fast healing equal to your
Bender Level. It is impossible to strike the creature inside
without also damaging the sphere. The creature cannot
breathe while captured, and takes 1d6 damage per 3
Bender Levels every round that it is trapped, no save.
On the first round after the target is trapped within the sphere,
the waterbender may choose to freeze the sphere as a full
round action, leaving the victim trapped inside until the ice sphere
is broken. A trapped firebender may melt a frozen sphere by spending
a full round action to use the Fire in the Stomach seed. The ice sphere
takes double damage from fire and loses fast healing, making it
vulnerable to attack.


Each seed on this scroll takes time to learn. To learn one seed a bender must spend a total of one hour per 10 difficulty class practicing (for example, DC 15 seed requires one hour while DC 20 requires 2). At the end of each hour a Concentration and Bending check must be made with a DC equal to the bending seed DC. If either check is failed you must practice for another hour to attempt the check again. When practice is finished the seed is learned and may be used. If taught with the assistance of someone who already knows the seed the time needed to learn the seed is cut in half. (minimum 1 hour)

Waterbending Scroll

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