A great hammer of war made from pure saphire

weapon (melee)

This beautifully and masterfully crafted Hammer shines with the blue color of the flawless saphire it was crafted from.
+2 Weapon of Renown
Heavy (2 HP, +1 damage, -2 Attack, +20% weight)
Long Hafted (Increase reach by 5ft)
Wieghted (Double critical threat range)


This hammer was crafted by Avatar Zeng Ku to replace his Crystalline Greatsword and vanished on the black market after his death. One of only three weapons crafted that would be a match to the master craft Greatsword, which is also known by the name of Valorun. Rumor has it the fourth weapon Avatar Zeng Ku crafted was the only one he felt a worthy replacement for Valorun


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