An brilliant diamond sword of legend


This is a magnificent Great-sword with a blade made out of flawless diamond.

+5 Weapon of Legend
Damage Increase V (+5 damage)
Defending (Take up to -5 to attack for proportionate gain to AC)
Keen Edge (double critical threat range)
Long Hafted Weapon’s range increases by 5ft
Serrated (2 damage for 1d4 rounds, Fort 20 negates)

This sword has the spirit of a White High Dragon inside of it, a old and wise spirit of Virtue. If the soul of the wielder is deemed worthy, the spirit grants the wielder a portion of its defensive aura, granting the wielder DR 2, as well as a +2 bonus on will saves.
If the wielder sacrifices some of their life force to the spirit, however much HP is sacrificed the wielder gets half that number as a bonus to their next attack roll. Health lost in this way must be regained through rest and cannot be regenerated through any other healing effects. Sacrificing more than 20 health this way causes fatigue.


The last master weapon made by Avatar Zeng Ku and in his opinion was the best weapon he ever made. He crafted it on the anvil of his mentor, spirit of blacksmithing Hephaestus in the spirit world. Inside the sword is the Spirit of a white High Dragon, a spirit of Virtue. The sword seems to just be shards of diamond held together by some un-natural force. The blue gem at the cross-guard shines radiantly with the aura of the spirit within. The dragon spirit is of a dragon that Zeng-Ku fought with and learned the essence of true firebending from. The ancient dragon died within Zeng-Ku’s lifetime and agreed to endow his essence within Zeng-Ku’s last great weapon.


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