An impressive Greatsword made of green crystal.

weapon (melee)

Green Crystalline Great Sword

+3 Weapon of Fame
Keen Edge: double critical threat range
Defending: can take up to -2 to attack for a proportionate addition to AC
Long Hafted: Weapon’s reach increases by 5ft

When the wielder sacrifices his life force to the sword the spirit inside is able to grant the sword power. For every 1HP sacrificed the next successful attack with the sword deals +1 damage. This lost health can only be regained by rest, not by any healing effects. Sacrificing more than 20 health this way causes fatigue.

Spirit Of Valor:


Crafted by the last Earthbender Avatar, Avatar Zeng Ku of Ba Sing Se, before being lost to Eros, the great spirit of Lust and Sexuality. This sword is known by the name of Valorun. Rumor has it the fourth weapon Avatar Zeng Ku crafted was the only one he felt a worthy replacement for Valorun. Within this sword is a spirit of Valor. Unlike the second and third weapons, which Zeng-Ku simply used a willing spirit to make, Valorun has a living spirit inside of it that lends the sword power from the spirit world through the use of blood sacrifice by the owner. The spirit of Valor guided Zeng-Ku through the fade when he became lost their on his first cross over. The spirit later consented to be imbued within the sword Valorun and help protect it’s wielder.


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