Tome of Blood

Description of an ancient ritualistic practice.


A old and heavy book with thick pages, bearing ruby gems on the cover symbolizing drops of blood


This book is one of the very oldest ritual books of the Exalted Emporium. Some of the oldest and most powerful rituals ever made are within this ancient tome which was recently found by Veradin. During a battle with the young heroes in Session 17, Veradin lost the tome to Fow Bang Chow. Veradin organized Nicci and her companions and chased after the group, hitting them in a surprise attack and facing them with an terribly one sided fight. Rather than retreat, the heroes fought their pursuers at the order of their mission leader, Talin, and fought ferociously. Tsing Tao of the Pink Staff engaged Nicci, who’s power was legendary among the Order and she showed it in this battle. After a few blows, Nicci hit Tsing Toa with a lethal blast of fire, ending his life. Kio, seeing his friend dead, gave his life to land a near fatal blow against the woman known as Death’s Mistress. Shocked at the kamikaze style attack, the other women became unorganized and panicked, giving Aumanil the chance to take down Leoma while Merissa and Cecilia were taken hostage. Veradin convinced Fow to give him the book, as the Airbender was far too strong to stop, especially after the death of two valiant team-members, but not before he slipped the note and the last two pages of the book out and into his bag. Talin, mad with rage, rushed Nicci, who was now unconscious and near death, even slashing out at Aumanil who attempted to stop him, and slit her throat. Aumanil found an old book in the Northern Air Temple that was in the same ruinic language of the tome, and by finding a copy in his own language he was able to translate the ritual on the last two pages, which were labeled Sacrificial Solstice.

Tome of Blood

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