Patola Twin Dao

Two blue hilted swords.

weapon (melee)

+ 1
Balanced: reduce two weapon fighting penalty by 2
Keen Edge: double critical threat range

These Twin Dao have blue hilts and have blades made of Silver. The twin dao is both a single weapon and a set of two weapons. Both are masterwork, and fit into the same scabbard as though they were a single sword. Twin dao must be used as a set; attempting to use a single twin dao as a normal dao gives a -4 penalty to attack rolls due to the strange balance the swords have. A twin dao may, however, be used as a single sword when held together. All feats that apply to normal dao (such as Weapon Focus) also apply to twin dao, whether used as a single sword or when used as a set.

When used as a pair, one in each hand, however, the twin dao show their true colours. They are perfectly balanced for wielding in two hands; while they are one-handed weapons, they can be used as if they were light for the purposes of two-weapon fighting, but only when paired together. Additionally, the wielder may add their full strength bonus to damage to both dao as if wielding them in their primary hand.


These swords were found in ancient Air Nomad ruins in the Patola Mountain Range.

Patola Twin Dao

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