Martial Artist Scroll

A very old scroll left in the Southern Air Temple Library


A soft and delicate yellow scroll bearing the images of martial art forms.

Resilient Wolf:
The martial artist may expend one use of his stunning fist to attempt a deflect attack.

Indomitable Bear:
By learning better Chi Flow and regulation the martial artist can postpone chi targeting effects for 1 round, such as ones that disable a limb.

Furious Tiger:
This form can only be learned after learning the indomitable bear. By practicing Chi control the martial artist may now channel his Chi into his unarmed strikes. When using a stunning fist the martial artist increases his damage by one die category. (d6’s to d8’s for example)


These martial artist forms were developed by Avatar Katsurik and take 1 hour to learn, as well as a DC 15 concentration and DC 15 knowledge(bending) check to learn. Failing either check requires the martial artist to practice for another hour before retrying.

Martial Artist Scroll

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