Headband of Eros

A gold headband with a large gem in the center. It has a disturbing allure to it.


When adorned the jewel transfers the memories of the feat “Where there is life there is water” to the wearer, but if taken off they completely forget the new ability.

It was recently discovered that there is a Spirit Of desire within the headband, and if some of the wearers life force is sacrificed to the Demon the headband grants power to the wearer.

For every 2 points of health sacrificed, the demon grants the wearer +1 to their next waterbending check. This health can only be gained back by rest and cannot be healed by any other healing effects. Sacrificing more than 20 health this way causes fatigue.

Spirit of Desire:


Crafted and Treasured by Eros, this headband was stolen from her in the spirit world. No other details are known other than that it was crafted by her for unknown reasons and by unknown means. Recently it was discovered that a Spirit of Desire exists within the headband.

Headband of Eros

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