Earthbending Scroll

A very old scroll left in the Southern Air Temple Library


A soft and delicate yellow scroll bearing the images of Earthbending Seeds

Stone Spears (Template) +15 DC
Focusing on the aggressive application of neutral jing chi, an earthbender can initiate a bull rush attempt in addition to the seeds original affects, using the bender’s wisdom or strength modifier. In addition the damage type can be changed from bludgeoning to piercing at the discretion of the bender.

Smiling Mountain (Seed)
Difficulty Class: 30
Components: Somatic
Bending Time: Full Round Action
Duration: Instantaneous
Save: Reflex half
When extra moments are spared in the heat of battle, an earthbender can seize the opportunity to hurl a boulder of above-average mass, decimating enemy ranks. By taking a full round to prepare the actions, an earthbender can hurl a boulder that on impact hits a 10 ft. square, adding +5DC to the check you can add 5 ft. to the length or width of the area affected, doing 1d8/2 bender levels damage. Enemies caught in the boulders area of effect must make a reflex save to move to an adjacent square. If no adjacent square is available (boulder too big, terrain doesn’t allow, etc.) then a successful reflex save takes half damage.


Each seed on this scroll takes time to learn. To learn one seed a bender must spend a total of one hour per 10 difficulty class practicing (for example, DC 15 seed requires one hour while DC 20 requires 2). At the end of each hour a Concentration and Bending check must be made with a DC equal to the bending seed DC. If either check is failed you must practice for another hour to attempt the check again. When practice is finished the seed is learned and may be used. If taught with the assistance of someone who already knows the seed the time needed to learn the seed is cut in half. (minimum 1 hour)

Earthbending Scroll

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